Upon signing up for this program, you will begin with 6 courses bundled in this online program. You may start with any course.

Your LIVE trainings will begin the Wednesday after you have received your workbook. Your workbook will be sent to you immediately following registration. Please confirm that your mailing address is correct. You should receive your workbook within 3-7 days within the United States, or longer outside of the US.

Every Wednesday, we will begin a new subject. We will not necessarily start on page 1 of your workbook, so be prepared to work from any part of the workbook, of any given week. As new "students" join us, their Week 1 may be your Week 6. Don't worry, this is not a progressive program. Each week of your 8-Week program has it's own subject, and does not build upon the previous weeks.

You will work through each of the 8 subjects, one week/one subject at a time. If you prefer to start at the beginning of the workbook, you may contact me to find out the date, in which the subjects fall into alignment with the beginning of this workbook. Just to be clear, there is no need to wait, unless you have a personal preference. You will get the same information and guidance, regardless of which part of the workbook you start from.

If you have any questions regarding your program, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm here to answer any of your questions, and support you any way I can!

Email: [email protected]

WEDNESDAY at 11:00am (PST)

Each and every Wednesday, I will host a LIVE Zoom call at 1:00am (PST). You will have access to 8 consecutive Zoom meetings. You may also access our private Facebook Group to view the sessions LIVE. Think of this as your weekly virtual classroom. I will send a link at least 3 days prior to our training, for those of you using Zoom. We will discuss in detail the subject for that particular week!


When you join the Zoom call, I will give a short introduction, as we wait a few minutes for others to join. I will conduct a classroom style instruction, using a white board. The entire training will take approximately 60 minutes.

I realize that you may not be able to join LIVE at times, so you will be able to watch the recorded session on Facebook, or on our teaching platform. You will receive a code, link, and instructions for access to the teaching platform. You are encouraged to attend the LIVE trainings, as it will better serve you in attaining your goals. You are also encouraged to take notes. When you physically write information, your brain is able to retain what you've written better, than simply reading or listening!

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